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Writings and Publications

I have written a variety of articles and blog postings, mainly related to my expertise with second half of life careers (encore careers, older workers, retirement careers, etc.) and career development.


Professional Publications

Schaefers, K.G. (2012).  Working for good: The encore career movement.  Career Planning and Adult Development Journal, 28(2), 84-95.


Schnell, A. & Schaefers, K.  (1998).  Adult career centers: An overview.  In D. Schutt (Ed.), How to plan and develop a career center (109-130).  Chicago, IL: Ferguson Publishing.


Schaefers, K. G., Epperson, D. L.,  & Nauta, M. M. (1997).  Women’s career development: Can theoretically derived variables predict persistence in engineering majors?  Journal of Counseling Psychology, 44 (2), 173-183.  


Pickering, G. S., & Galvin Schaefers, K. G. (1988).  An empirical study of reentry women.  Journal of Counseling Psychology, 35, 298-303.



Blog Postings


Myths of Midlife Change

Midlife stereotypes abound.  This article dispells some common midlife myths, and focuses on the tremendous growth potential of midlife. 


Free Funeral Day: The Power of Setting Goals
Personal story of an inspirational uncle who lived his life with a twinkle in his eye and his hand outstretched.  Uncle Harry's sense of humor, love of learning, and sense of purpose inspired all who knew him.

Choice by Choice

Commentary on the change process, and how change starts with a reconnection, not reinvention.  Appeared in Minnesota Women's Press.


Age Diversity in the Workplace

Workforce demographics are shifting, and the number of older workers will steadily increase for the foreseeable future.  Organizations are needing to pay attention to the reality of a multi generational workplace.   


Back to the Basics

When it comes to networking, sometimes it is the little things that matter most: being considerate, keeping a positive attitude, and communicating often .  This article appeared in the Minnesota Career Development Association in the February 25, 2010 Newsletter. 


Meaningful work in Encore Careers

There is a trend, some say a movement, for people to seek out work that combines paid employment with meaning and impact in the second half of life.  Marc Freedman coined the term "encore career" to describe this movement.




Unretirement: Life after Work

Star Tribune article by Katy Read, published 2/24/15 focused on trends for continued work after retirement.


The New Retirement: Leisure
Interviewed by Katy Read for an article published in the Star Tribune on 8/7/2013 on finding purpose in retirement.


A Well Seasoned Approach

Interviewed by Warren Wolfe from the Star Tribune about transitions to retirement, and the importance of continued work.  Article appeared in the March 2, 2011 Star Tribune.


Survivors: What's Next?

Interviewed by Laura French with the Minneapolis-St. Paul Pioneer Press on career transition.  Appeared  on February 1, 2010.

Start Planning Early for Life After Retirement

Interview with Amy Lindgren.  Appeared in the St. Paul Pioneer Press, and is posted on on 9/29/2007.


Moving from One Career to Another

Interviewed by Matt Krumrie, Star Tribune for article on making a career change, April 25, 2011.





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