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Group Facilitation

Whether it is a workshop, training session, or group faciltiation, I help organizations engage employees in the process of change. I draw on a variety of tools to explore issues and promote learning.


Group Facilitation


Sometimes, the best way to gather information, explore options, or develop a vision is to gather a group of people and engage in productive dialogue.


I draw on a variety of tools and approaches to help groups get unstuck and work together to find solutions. Through team building, focus groups, educational training, or visioning exercises, I facilitate group movement towards goals.




I am available for presentations for groups, large and small. I customize for the specific needs of organizations, and keep material fresh and engaging.


Past presentation themes include:

  • Leadership: Maintaining momentum

  • Encore Careers

  • Social impact careers

  • Tapping the talent of a multigenerational workforce

  • Midlife career shifts

  • Authenticity

Career Management


Talent management takes planning and focus, and is a long term organizational goal. As employers build talent pipelines and nurture employee commitment, career management strategies are vital.


I assist organizations as they explore strategies to develop talent internally, train managers in how to be career champions for their staff, and provide coaching to employees as they explore career options.

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